Kevin’s Books

One of the great friends that I made in my time at Vanderbilt University was Kevin Blount. Kevin knew all the graduate students and professors, and often hosted dinners and movies at his nearby apartment.
Kevin ended up writing his Ph.D. dissertation On the Structure of Residuated Lattices with Constantine Tsinakis, and moved on to an academic position at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.

Kevin passed away on May 30, 2006, which surprised all of us. I had just moved back East, and so one of the first trips was attending his memorial service at Sacred Heart.

At the end of 2008, Kevin’s wife, Xiaoyu, gave me Kevin’s math books. After some brief discussions with some mathematical colleagues, the books ended up being stored in my attic. I’m now offering these books to those who knew Kevin. I am sure that Kevin would have been happy to have his math books shared among his friends and colleagues, and I hope that this will help keep Kevin’s memory alive in the mathematical community.

If you are interested in some of the books below, leave a comment or contact me privately. I’ll send them your way. (Pardon the typos – I’ll correct those as they are noticed).

Kevin’s Math Books

  1. Albert, Introduction to Algebraic Theories, Matt Insall
  2. Artin, Geometric Algebra, Tracts in Mathematics Number 3 – John Raymonda
  3. Baumslag and Chandler, Group Theory
  4. Bennet, Affine and Projective Geometry
  5. Bjarni Jonsson, Topics in Universal Algebra, Lecture Notes, Vanderbilt University, 1969-70 – John Snow
  6. Bollobas, Graph Theory, GTM 63, Matt Insall
  7. Bond/Keane, An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics, Instructors
  8. Bondy and Murty, Graph Theory with Applications, Matt Insall
  9. Bonele, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Dover
  10. Bourbaki, Elements of Mathematics, General Topology, Part 1, Addison Wesley
  11. Burnside, Theory of Groups of Finite Order, Princeton
  12. Curry, Foundations of Mathematical Logic, Dover
  13. Dieudonne, Introduction to the Theory of Formal Groups, Dekker
  14. Gruenberg and Weir, Linear Geometry, Van Nostrand
  15. Hodel, An Introduction to Mathematical Logic – Jan Gałuszka
  16. Hall, The Theory of Groups, Macmillan
  17. Springer, Geometry and Analysis of Projective Spaces
  18. Sternberg, Lectures on Differential Geometry, Prentice Hall
  19. Hennie, Introduction to Computability
  20. Lang, Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, Tracts in Mathematics Number 5 – John Raymonda
  21. Hochschild, Introduction to Affine Algebraic Groups
  22. Nagaia, Local Rings, Tracts in Mathematics Number 13
  23. Spanier, Algebraic Topology
  24. Lipschitz, Discrete Mathematics, Schaum McGraw Hill
  25. Solutuion Manual for, Brooks/Cole
  26. Curtis Clark, An Approach to Graph Achievement Games: Ultimately Economical Graphs
  27. Hungerford, Algebra, Springer 73 – John Snow
  28. Mendelson, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, 3e, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Mathematics Series
  29. Moore, Elementary General Topology, Prentice-Hall
  30. Mitchell, Theory of Categories, Academic Press, Matheamtics XVII
  31. Herken, The Universal Turing Machine, Oxford – John Snow
  32. ??, Fundamental Concepts of Algebra, Addison Wesley
  33. Kelley, General Topology, Van NostrandO??, Theory of LIE Groups, Princeton
  34. Munkres, Elements of Algebraic Topology
  35. Sawyer, A Geometric Approach to Abstract Algebra, Freeman
  36. McCoy, Rings and Ideals – John Raymonda
  37. Smullyan, First-Order Logic, Dover
  38. Veblen and Young, Projective Geometry, Volume 1
  39. Gelfond, Transcendental & Algebraic Numbers, Dover – John Snow
  40. Freese & McKenzie, Commutator Theory for Congruence Modular Varieties – Jonathan Farley
  41. Davey & Priestley, Introduction to Lattice and Order, Cambridge – John Snow
  42. An Algebraic Introduction to Matheamtical Logic, GTM 52 – John Snow
  43. Categories for the Working Mathematician, GTM 5 – John Snow
  44. Manin, A Course in Mathematical Logic, GTM 53
  45. Burris/Sankappanavar, A Course in Universal Algebra, GTM 78 – John Snow
  46. Hirsch, Differential Topology, GTM 33
  47. Gaum, Elements of Point Set Topology, Prentice-Hall
  48. Bourbaki, Elements of Mathematics, General Topology Part 2
  49. Eisenberg, Topology, Holt Rinehart Winston
  50. Pareigis, Categories and Functors
  51. Kaplansky, Set Theory and Metric Spaces – John Raymonda
  52. McKenzie, McNulty, Taylor, Algebras, Lattices, Varieties, Volume I, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Matheamtics Series, – Jonathan Farley
  53. Monk, Mathematical Logic, GTM 37 – John Snow
  54. Lightstone, Symbolic Logic and the REAL NUMBER SYSTEM – John Snow
  55. The Essentials of Logic
  56. Halmos & Givant, Logic as Algebra – Jan Gałuszka
  57. Jacobson, Lectures in Abstract Algebra, I Basic Concepts, Van Nostrand – John Raymonda
  58. Husain, Introduction to Topological Groups, Matt Insall
  59. Tarski, Introduction to Logic and to the methodology of deductive sciences, Dover
  60. Church, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Princeton – John Snow
  61. Rosenbloom, an introduction to Symbolic Logic, Dover
  62. Krantz, How to Teach Mathematics: a personal perspective
  63. Thomas Rishel, Teaching First – A Guide for New Mathematicians, MAA
  64. Hobby and McKenzie, The Structure of Finite Algebras, AMS Comm 76, – Jonathan Farley



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2 responses to “Kevin’s Books”

  1. John Raymonda Avatar
    John Raymonda

    I would be interested in the following. What would be the costs involved?

    Jacobson, Lectures in Abstract Algebra, I Basic Concepts, Van Nostrand
    Rings and Ideals
    Sawyer, A Geometric Approach to Abstract Algebra, Freeman
    Artin, Geometric Algebra, Tracts in Mathematics Number 3
    Kaplansky, Set Theory and Metric Spaces
    Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, Tracts in Mathematics Number 5

    If the number is excessive, they are listed in order of preference.

    Thank you for this offer.

    John Raymonda

    1. japheth Avatar

      Hi John,

      I’ll check – I have one other request that came in last night. If you would reimburse me for postage, that would be great, and it’ll be media rate, so not expensive at all. What’s your mailing address?
      Also, how did you come to know Kevin?