Kevin’s Books

One of the great friends that I made in my time at Vanderbilt University was Kevin Blount. Kevin knew all the graduate students and professors, and often hosted dinners and movies at his nearby apartment. Kevin ended up writing his Ph.D. dissertation On the Structure of Residuated Lattices with Constantine Tsinakis, and moved on to… Continue reading Kevin’s Books

Math Formula Poetry Slam

Last December, I got to meet Daniel, aka Jarabe Del Sól, a poet from the Readnex Poetry Squad. He showed me in his notebook where he had written all sorts of arcane symbols and characters, perhaps from undiscovered alphabets. I got to fill up a few pages of his notebook with math symbolism off the… Continue reading Math Formula Poetry Slam

Math Conference photos

Going through some old papers, I found the following conference photos from Fall 1996 Fields Institute, Algebraic Model Theory Program July 1-10, 1998, XI Simposio Latinoamericano Lógica Matemática, Mérida, Venezuela 1998 Szeged Conference on Lattices and Universal Algebra

An Interesting Prime Number Fact, Rubik’s Cube and the Gömböc

In the summer of 2010 I traveled to Hungary for the 25th anniversary reunion of the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program, and had the pleasure of seeing the inauguration of another study abroad program for computer science, the Aquincum Institute of Technology. The interesting part of the ceremony was a series of mathematics talks to… Continue reading An Interesting Prime Number Fact, Rubik’s Cube and the Gömböc

Poster Sessions

After completing a research project or making a mathematical discovery of some sort, it’s important to communicate your results. One nice way to do this is with posters. If you’ve never made a poster before, it’s simply a collection of boxes that tells a story, in this case, your mathematical research. It should tell a… Continue reading Poster Sessions