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  • Hungarian Dancing and Sorting Algorithms

    My brother and later a colleague sent me this link to these videos demonstrating Computer Sorting Algorithms through Hungarian Folk Dance: The Bubble Sort and Shell Sort algorithms are demonstrated. Wow!Credits from the video:  Created at Sapientia University, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania.Directed by Kátai Zoltán and Tóth László. In cooperation with “Maros Művészegyüttes”, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), […]

  • Fiber Arts and Mathematics

    Wow! This book claims to show 8 ways to knit a Sierpinski’s Triangle! Crafting by Concepts: Fiber Arts and Mathematics by sarah-marie belcastro and Carolyn Yackel (editors). The publisher, A K Peters , has one of the most amazing math catalogs that I know of. Very much worth browsing!

  • How to Celebrate Pi Day

    The MAA now hosts a Pi Day webpage: is a must-visit site for next year’s Pi Day.How did you celebrate Pi Day?

  • Roundtables at East Side Community High School

    I just got word from Tom Mullen, the AP at East Side Community High School, that the roundtables are back! Here’s the link to sign up: Clicking on the above link brings you to the description and schedule below. I’ve been attending the round tables for several years, and they are definitely worth attending. East Side […]

  • Two Summer 2011 Middle School Math Programs

    I just heard from Steve Maurer, the academic director of MathPath, a summer math program for middle school students. His program has run since 2002, and the math instructors are something of a dream team, featuring some famous mathematical names such as John Horton Conway (well-known genius mathematician), Titu Andreescu (who runs the American Math […]

  • Nice LaTeX Reference

    I just noticed that Wikibooks features a decent LaTeX reference:

  • The Grasshopper Problem

    This is my newest problem, to appear in the October 2010 issue of La Voz. What is this picture asking? Ben suggested that instead of bold black squares, I should have indicated the squares with something especially significant to grasshoppers. Something tasty or something dangerous? Where did this come from? This problem is related to […]

  • Bard Math Circle meets in the Kingston Library

    I’m helping the Bard Math Circle start up math circle activities in the Kingston Library. Each session will include time for puzzles and games, creative mathematical problem solving, and a hands-on math activity with a take-away. Meetings this fall: 1pm to 3pm on each second Saturday (September 11, October 9, November 13 and December 11) at the […]

  • Following Math Blogs

    I’ve slowly been entering the world of math blogging, first by reading blogs, and now by posting a note occasionally on this blog. There is an amazing world of math bloggers out there, some I’m proud to know in person, and so many worth reading. Here’s a post claiming to be the top 25 classroom […]