Hungarian Dancing and Sorting Algorithms

My brother and later a colleague sent me this link to these videos demonstrating Computer Sorting Algorithms through Hungarian Folk Dance:

The Bubble Sort and Shell Sort algorithms are demonstrated. Wow!

Credits from the video: 

Created at Sapientia University, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania.Directed by Kátai Zoltán and Tóth László. In cooperation with “Maros Művészegyüttes”, Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania.Choreographer: Füzesi Albert. Video: Lőrinc Lajos, Körmöcki Zoltán. Supported by “Szülőföld Alap”, MITIS (NGO) and evoline company.

So, this is actually a Transylvanian video.

I first learned the algorithms in high school from the Art of Computer Programming, ancient tomes written by Donald Knuth, and also in my AP Computer Science class, the first year it was offered. We wrote our code on paper, and eventually implemented the programs in Pascal on state-of-the-art Apple ][‘s, once the teacher figured out how to load it on the computers!