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  • Math Formula Poetry Slam

    Last December, I got to meet Daniel, aka Jarabe Del Sól, a poet from the Readnex Poetry Squad. He showed me in his notebook where he had written all sorts of arcane symbols and characters, perhaps from undiscovered alphabets. I got to fill up a few pages of his notebook with math symbolism off the […]

  • ¡Juguemos Kenken!

    (This column originally appeared in the July 2009 issue of La Voz, in Spanish.) Welcome back to the puzzle column. This time we have two new kenken puzzles for you. The first one is a 4×4 kenken that uses only addition, and the second a 5×5 kenken made up entirely of multiplication. For your convenience, […]

  • ¡Juguemos Kenken!

    (This column originally appeared in the June 2009 issue of La Voz) KenKen es un puzzle nuevo inventado por Tetsuya Miyamoto, un maestro de matemáticas del Japón. KenKen significa “sabiduría al cuadrado” y se lo presenta como una variante del Sudoku. Este mes les traigo dos juegos de KenKen de 4×4. Uno más fácil con […]

  • My puzzle column in Spanish!

    I’ve started a monthly column for La Voz, a wonderful Spanish language magazine focused on news and culture. La Voz intends to be a meeting place between the Spanish and English speaking communities in the mid-Hudson Valley, and I hope to throw mathematics into the mix! My columns include a discussion of interesting math topics, […]