How to Give a Good Math Talk

There are a lot of sites with useful advice out there. This post is intended to collect several links for future reference.

Technically Speaking – Videos of math research students presenting their findings. I love the examples of bad style along with good style. This comes out of an NSF-funded project.

Joe Gallian’s Advice on Giving a Good PowerPoint Presentation from his article in Math Horizons.

Giving a Conference Talk by Mike Dahlin.

Oral Presentation Advice by Mark D. Hill, includes “How to Give a Bad Talk” by David A. Patterson.

Giving an Academic Talk by Jonathan Shewchuk.

I also have several resources on good mathematical writing that I’ll share later.






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  1. Allen Knutson Avatar

    Serre’s “How to write mathematics badly” is not quite on topic, but should be included too. It’s easy to find on-line but is unfortunately very quiet.