Brown University SUMS

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Brown University Symposium for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences (SUMS) has been held annually since 2002. The symposium’s goal is to foster greater undergraduate interest and scholarship in mathematics by demonstrating the ubiquity of mathematics throughout the sciences. The conference also provides an evironment in which motivated undergraduates can come together to share their own work and learn from distinguished faculty from around the country.

The next symposium, which is scheduled for March 5 of 2011, features the topic of Math and the Design of Form. Our faculty speakers are:

Professor Joy Ko, Rhode Island School of Design
Professor Kyna Leski, Rhode Island School of Design
Professor L. Mahadevan, Harvard University
Professor Richard Schwartz, Brown University
Professor Peter Winkler, Dartmouth College

Although the target audience of the symposium is math and science interested undergraduates, we would also like other members of the academic community to attend. The presence of high school students and teachers, college professors, and humanities students can only enrich the overall learning experience.

Funding for SUMS 2011 provided by the Brown University Department of Mathematics, the Division of Applied Mathematics, the Office of the Dean of the College, and the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics.