6th Annual SPUYTEN DUYVIL Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

6th Annual SPUYTEN DUYVIL Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Saturday April 2, 2011
Manhattan College,
Riverdale, NY

Keynote Address:
Mathematics, Biology and Very Powerful Computers
Dr. William Pulleyblank
United States Military Academy, West Point

“Biology is undergoing a major transformation, from being mainly a lab science to being a field critically dependent on computer simulation and data analysis. In part, this is because problems that we encounter in biology are many times more complex than those we encounter in other fields. This transformation is being enabled by new mathematical ideas which enable us to address new types of problems and to exploit these new types of supercomputers, which may have hundreds of thousands of processors.

Some of the areas of mathematics that are enabling these advances are discrete and continuous optimization and simulation, efficient network design as well as methods for the creation of systems with very high degrees of reliability. Some of the biggest challenges arise from dealing with multi-scale phenomena. I will discuss these and their importance.”

The primary purpose of the conference is to give undergraduates the opportunity to discuss mathematics with their peers. We invite the submission of an abstract for a presentation or a poster. The deadline for abstract submission is March 5, 2010. We encourage talks by undergraduates!

Presentations should be 15 minutes long, and may range from topics of general interest to presentations of undergraduate research projects. Submitters should indicate whether the talk will be Level I, suitable for any undergraduate, or Level II, suitable for upperclassmen. Students would prefer to present a poster may do so. In addition to student presentations and the keynote address, there will be a film, Between the Folds, at the end of the day. All attendees should pre-register on-line. The conference will begin at 8:30 Am, and will end around 4:30 pm. A light lunch will be provided. Please encourage your students and colleagues to attend the conference, and to consider making a presentation!

For more information contact conference director Dr. Kathryn Weld:

SDUMC is an MAA NSF-RUMC sponsored activity, funded by NSF Grant DMS-0846477 and by Manhattan College.
Mathematical Association of America