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  • BSME Mathematical Games class

    My next visit was to the BSME Mathematical Games, taught by Anna Kis, an experienced math classroom teacher who is currently earning an advanced teaching degree. Anna’s class was the most delightful of my visit, full of playful approaches to teaching advanced mathematical concepts to 11 or 12 year olds. After this class, I was […]

  • A BSME school visit

    My second BSME visit was to a partner school. Every week the BSME students have a visit to one of several partner schools around Budapest. The list is very interesting, and includes many English language schools, elite specialized schools, a school for the blind, and many more. I was part of a visiting team, invited […]

  • BSME Directed Research on Gender Issues

    I visited the Budapest Semester in Math Education program in October, 2017, and I’ve been eager to share my notes. I really like the program, and think that it can be an impactful experience for future math teachers. Especially for those with a very strong math background. For example, junior staff in the HCSSiM program […]

  • Difficulties in Logic

    I gave my math students a Surprise Formative Assessment today. This was a quick check of their retention of a definition, and facility at forming the negation of a statement. Everyone did okay on the definition – it’s important to know precisely what things mean. The results of the negation exercise showed three areas that […]

  • Creativity in Mathematics: Inquiry-Based Learning and the Moore Method

    I just viewed the recent video on the Modified Moore Method (MMO), also known as Inquiry Based Learning (IBL). Creativity in Mathematics: Inquiry-Based Learning and the Moore Method This video features interviews with MMO practitioners, researchers and students. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of them at various Legacy of R. L. Moore, which […]