Bard Math Festival Resources

One of my greatest accomplishments in the 2010-2011 school year was to organize the Bard Math Festival and the Pi Day Celebration with my MAT math students and my colleague Ben Blum-Smith.

Each of the MAT students (we call them “candidates”) selected several possible math activities, and an ongoing activity over each quarter was refining the selection, and developing and polishing the lesson. The format was simple – one math experience for 4 or 5 students in 10 minutes.

Here are some electronic resources that we found very helpful. I plan to list some print resources and other sources of inspirational math activities in later posts.

What are your favorite math activity resources? Please leave a comment!

Math Delights – Resources collected by Nancy Blachman Educational Network – Math Fairs in Alberta, Canada!

ThinkFun – Amazing educational games and puzzles

Math Circle Problem Collection from the National Association of Math Circles

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) – some interesting lessons.

Other resources:

NCTM: Family Math Nights, Andrea Lachance
Teaching Children Mathematics, April 2007

Marilyn Burns, About Teaching Mathematics, a K-8 Resource

Family Math, Jean Kerr Stenmark, Virginia Thompson and Ruth Cossey

Solve This! by Jim Tanton

Math Forum Teacher Exchange, a collection of math rich lessons, organized by grade band math strand.