Month: June 2011

  • The Math Babe and the Science Babe

    Two interesting blogs that I follow are called, respectively, The Science Babe and mathbabe. No, neither of these blogs are prurient websites that are weak on content. Instead, they both seek to reclaim the terms from websites that are. The Math Babe is none other than Cathy O’Neil, a Ph.D. Number Theorist who left academia […]

  • MathFest! 2011 in Lexington, KY

    This year’s MathFest will be in Lexington, KY in early August. I’m going to present a talk about Math Circles in the Hudson Valley at the¬†Fostering, Supporting and Propagating Math Circles for Students and Teachers session. I’ll also be presenting the teachers’ math circle session with my talk on the game of Nim. Both these […]

  • Always be Prepared

    Back in April, I wrote about Math Circles and Safety, and a large part was inspired by Brandy Wieger’s presentation at the Math Circles on the Road 2011 conference in Houston. You can now watch her talk here: This is one of the videos recently posted by The National Association of Math Circles. Check out […]