Magic Cubes

Last weekend was the last meeting this semester of the Bard Math Circle at the Kingston Library, and we made magic cubes. A magic cube is a large cube made up of eight smaller cubes that are hinged together in such a way that they rotate through themselves magically, revealing many surfaces. This activity is a little more involved that what we normally do, so you either have to follow directions, or problem solve.

Several museums sell these with artistic pictures on several surfaces, but you can make your own. It’s more fun!

Instructables has instructions that also use wooden cubes, but go a step further with photos: The downside of Instructables is that they want you to become a member.

Here’s a site, Chica and Jo, that gives full instructions in a very nice presentation:

A company that manufactures magic cubes as a promotional product. Here’s one of their simpler models, but they have quite a few to choose from:

The German website also has some clear instructions. Their instructions are revised for the clearest instructions yet: