New York Math Circle Summer Workshop 2009

The New York Math Circle had its first summer workshop last week, July 27-30, 2009 at Union College in Schenectady, New York. This workshop for middle school math teachers was organized by Japheth Wood (Bard College) and sponsored by the New York Math Circle. Many thanks to the Math Teachers’ Circle Network for help with initial planning last summer, and to the Albany Math Circle for local assistance and encouragement.

View pictures in Japheth’s online Photo Album.

Workshop Math Schedule:

Monday, July 27th

Informal Math Activities at College Park Hall

  • Mary O’Keeffe showed us hangmath and other intriguing games.

Tuesday, July 28th

Walking Tour with Mary O’Keeffe:

Peg Smith workshop, “The Five Practices”

David Hankin workshop

Informal Math Activities

Wednesday, July 29th

Walking Tour with Mary O’Keeffe (see Tuesday for details)

Larry Zimmerman’s workshop

Mary O’Keeffe workshop, Playing Patterns to Infinity”

Informal Math Activities (see Tuesday for details)

Thursday, July 30th

Sheila Krilov workshop, “How to Start and Run a Math Team”


Mary O’Keeffe is a professor at Union College, and an organizer of the Albany Math Circle. She contributed a wonderful collection of mathematics, games, activities and ideas to the week. Her blog documents much of this:

Jesse Johnson is an awesome and enthusiastic math teacher in NYC, and shared her notes on her blog Math Be Brave.